This information-packed complete mini-course on Stroke is presented by a highly experienced EMT first responder, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and a medical social worker. The focus of this course is unique - it addresses concepts and learning points from the perspective of the older adult and their caregiver in mind, such as:

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of Stroke in real-time
  • Calling emergency services and preparing for first responders
  • What happens when EMS arrives and during transport to the hospital
  • What happens during post-acute care therapy - Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy
  • Live demonstration of position transfers of the stroke patient that must be learned by loved ones
  • Understanding the discharge process from the hospital - not as easy as it seems! No one talks about this!
  • Post-course test, with downloadable answers and explanations

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IMPORTANT - All information within this course is purely for informational and educational purposes, and must never be taken as medical advice. Never make a decision based on anything you have learned in this course without talking to your doctor first. Our goal in creating this course is to give you the information you need to engage in informed and meaningful conversations with your medical provider about the care of your aging loved ones.

  • 11 Videos

  • 1 Quiz

  • 0 Worksheets

  • 2 Files

  • Overview Of Emergency Calls And Recognizing Signs And Symptoms Of Stroke

  • Calling 911 And How To Prepare For Emergency Responders

  • What Happens When EMS Arrives And During Transport To Hospital?

  • What Happens After Discharge From Hospital?

  • A Personal Story

  • Overview of Therapy Services During Stroke Recovery

  • Physical Therapy During Stroke Recovery

  • Occupational Therapy During Stroke Recovery

  • Speech Therapy During Stroke Recovery

  • Position Transfer Live Demonstration

  • Understanding the Hospital Discharge Process

  • Post-Course Test

  • E-Book: How to Manage Medication Challenges and Dementia in The Elderly: Guidance from a Geriatric Clinician